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cost of gold

In 2009 Rs.17000 was enough to get married

but today you need Rs.50,000 to get married.

The price of gold is RISING!


Yes, that’s the cost of 10 grams of Gold for your wedding band, excluding making charges.

… Assuming you found your groom or bride ?
I’m so happy I got married 10 years ago.
Just imagine all that jewelry, would be staring at me in the face and having a smirk all the while thinking…
“yeah you can’t take me home. You can just try me on here in the store and see how I adore your delicate neck”. Blah Blah

Well, what brings me to the point of discussing the price of gold with you today.

Gold price is something that has been rising not only in the last decade but for many previous decades.

If you’re like me…
YOU will be following the gold bullion by the day, waiting for the slightest drop, so that you can drive down to your favorite Jewelry store and get yourself the pair of earrings you have been eyeing all this while.
If you’re still reading this , you would also nod that it was never a steady climb for the rate of gold, even though in the long term it never seems to have come down, there were periods where it had fallen down from the previous rate.
AM I right in saying that, YES?
So can I safely say you’re with me so far.
Do you also agree to the fact that gold rate did not stay low for a long time, it always shot up quickly.
“Aureen, of course it did, it’s a precious metal!”
Is that what you’re thinking?
Aren’t YOU precious?
Aren’t YOU wanting to #RISEHigher?
Don’t you think you’re LOW for too long, it’s time to shoot up?
What’s stopping you?
Gold knows it’s precious, it’s making it’s worth felt.
YOU know you’re precious, the question is are YOU making your WORTH felt?


Bonus tip: In the quest and dreams of RISING Higher, don’t forget to stand up when you are stuck low, don’t remain there for a long time.


The choice is yours to make – do you want to survive or THRIVE?

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To your continued happiness,

Aureen M. Monteiro


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