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With the outbreak of Corona Virus or COVID-19 as it’s called, the PANDEMIC! if you would rather term it, most of us are confined to the place we once LOVED the most, our HOMES.

When commutes to work, would suck every drop of our energy, we wished how nice it would be to work from home…

When our loved ones said we don’t have the time to see each other’s face more often, we worked late into nights, at odd times, missing bedtime routines of our kids, we wished we would stay at home more often…

When our parents longed to talk to us, as we lived in different cities, we would quickly dial just to say hello, because we were in a rush…

When our friends messaged, and the inbox would be waiting to be opened and answered, we felt regret for not having the time for the good old friend…

When we cringed on takeaways and wished we could cook ourselves a healthy meal, we told ourselves, will do once we are at home…

When life was passing right in front of our eyes, we thought another moment in the future would bring us happiness, staying at home would bring us happiness, spending more time with family would bring us happiness.

So now, the ones who are blessed and safe should be happy, should be excited, keeping the fear aside. But that isn’t the case? I have spoken to many women and each of them says, I’m fed up with staying at home.

For some time I feel like I’m in a prison too, however, I’m not fed up, I’m not frustrated, I feel very excited. There is more work, now that there is no help from my maid, schools are shut and I have to homeschool my 4th grader, but I haven’t lost the spark in my eyes. My creativity has not reduced, it’s in fact blown through the roof.

That left we wondering, why are people cringing on this situation?

Have they fallen out of love with their spouse?

Do they not have the additional time they would have had commuting to office every day?

Making a healthy meal for your family with love isn’t worth the smile you see when they relish every bite of it?

I couldn’t understand what was going wrong in their life?

Now if you must be cringing too, let me know what is missing in your life that could be fixed.

If I am understanding the situation correctly let me tell you what the problem is…

You do not know what brings you alive

You do not know what you are passionate about

You only think of yourself and so being confined and restricted doesn’t give any meaning to your existence, because you aren’t contributing any value to anyone else.

Yes, the statement was blunt, if you don’t like to hear it, move on. I don’t care, you’re not my audience.

If you know what gets you out of bed each day, 

If you know what problem you are going to solve for yourself and the world

If you know you are doing your best to get to the solution

If you know you are taking massive action to achieve your goals

If you have the CLARITY for your existence, you will be raising your glass along with mine, and saying cheers to life.

Ok, ok, I’m not drinking any wine right now, it’s lent season, but I can still raise my coffee cup against yours.

Let’s rewind to a few months ago, on 31st Dec 2019, you woke up energetically, ready to crush the new year with your action plan all drawn out, the new decade would be the best, you’ve got it all in your head, in your planner, everywhere your eyes could spot, this time you’re not going to stop unless you finish your goal.


Was that you?


Now coming back to 31st Mar 2020. If I ask you what happened, you’d probably yell all the possible expletives back at me for asking you this question.

Aureen, where on earth do you live? Don’t you know the situation ? aren’t you aware of what’s going on? And you are asking me about my goals, are you crazy?

No, I’m not crazy.

I wake up thanking God for blessing me and my family with another beautiful day.

I look at my daughter and feel blessed to have a kid, many women are struggling to have one.

I look at my spouse and see the love we have for each other, the storm we both weathered through and know we will grow old together.

I enjoy my coffee, the aroma of freshly brewed beans gives me immense satisfaction

Before each meal, I offer thanks to God for having food at my table and to bless the meal I’m about to devour.

I go about my day with utmost positivity, bringing smiles to the faces I see gloomy, reminding them of small things if not a big crazy idea to cheer them up.

My work contributes towards my mission of enabling 1 billion women like you, across the globe to find their spirit, unleash their potential, and be the leader they deserve to be.

I coach, consult and mentor women, the transformation of their lives and their gratitude for having me come into their lives, is what makes me feel this journey worthwhile.

I play with my 4th grader, we cuddle up to episodes of Young Sheldon on repeat to get a good laugh, or play games together.

I also put in a few minutes of personal prayer, quiet time for solitude and mindfulness, and a bit of meditation to rewire my brain.

Exercise currently has been restricted to indoor movements, where walks are from one room to

I thank God for blessing my day and enjoy my sleep with some super crazy dreams.

Life with lockdown, didn’t lockdown my spirit, didn’t lockdown my energy and it should certainly not lock you down too.

I love my home, and want you to love your home too!

Aureen hold on! The title suggested you will show how not to hate the place we love the most, but where is the solution?


See, that’s the problem, life is passing by so fast that you fail to pick up what’s right in front of you. The solution was there throughout the article, and I hoped you would have picked it up, if you did I’m glad. Now you’re not even reading this sentence, you probably have scrolled to the beginning to see where the answer was hidden, either to find it and apply it or to prove me wrong. 


Bonus tip: Don’t let life pass so fast in front of your eyes, that you have to be reminded to use your senses of seeing, feeling, touching, tasting, and hearing, for if you do miss you’re not living like you’re just trying to survive.


The choice is yours to make – do you want to survive or thrive?

If you would like a FREE consultation, yes free, you could reach out to me and we could schedule a free 15 minutes session. No pitch at the end, I promise.

I would love to bring a smile to your face, I’m extending my hand, and lending you my ear. It’s up to you if you would like me to walk with you or not.

To your continued happiness,

Aureen M. Monteiro


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