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We the Millennial moms and career-changing women often face the challenge of managing our personal and professional lives.

With a dozen piled-up responsibilities even as we think we are wrapping up the last one, find ourselves submerged in a new set.

And so, finding time for self-care is the last on our minds.

When we look at the smaller picture it may seem insignificant, however in the longer term unless we prioritize self-care, stress, and anxiety will be the innerwear we never get to take off even when we are alone at home.

So to maintain overall well-being through this article, I’ll walk you through the art of self-care, and remind you again why it’s important, even if you know, you need a reminder, or why else would you be here on my page? ?

And the juicy part of reading through will give you tips tailored to your unique needs as I very well understand being a busy mom and one who has changed careers to move up the corporate ladder.

So come along…

let’s dive in.

First of all, let’s address the Elephant in this room, Self-care is not being Selfish.

Read that again if you may. Ok.

It’s not an option, I’m telling you to get back and read that again lady.

Now, Pat yourself on your back.

Because You’re about to change that trajectory and the way women see and do it.

Don’t believe me?

See these reports…

25% of US mothers (with children under 18 years) said they practiced medication or mindfulness at least once a week (Pew Research Center Survey).

60% of US mothers (with children under 18 years) engaged in at least one self-care activity in the past month, like attending a social event, or a personal hobby. (Women’s Health Issues Journal Study).

Now you see the frequency and what they even call self-care – attending a social event that’s probably something they could not have even avoided in the first place.

So yes, indulging in self-care is taking care of yourself just as you would of your partner, spouse, kid(s), parents, or any family member.

DO NOT allow anyone to talk you out of it.

If you’re still with me, I’m patting MY back for getting YOU this far. ?

So what is it, then?

When you intentionally do something to improve or maintain your physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual well-being you are taking care of yourself. That’s self-care!

Now we are busy moms trying to adjust with the new baby in, our careers, getting seen at the workplace making our efforts known, and getting noticed at home too for who we are not just the baby’s mom 😉 are you reading here right?


So let’s get you some quick tips to start the ball rolling if you haven’t ever indulged in this so far, or if you have kept it on low priority and it never got to see the light of day.

Let’s get the dust off and give it its due attention.

Common gals, we’ve got this, we deserve this! ? 

1. Get Enough Rest: Get into bed early even if you have to start 5-10 minutes earlier than usual, working your way up to half an hour earlier in bed.

That’s progress.

I’m not asking you to shut off at 7 or 8 PM!

You and I both know with busy city lives, commuting in crazy peak hour traffic, getting the kid to bed, and cleaning those dishes it aint gonna happen.

So let’s set small goals that are doable and make us feel great when done, this will help us get the momentum we need to push through. 

2. Move Your Body, Groove Your Body: Long hours at the desk, and crazy nights putting the kid to sleep again, all leave us so occupied with the work at hand that we forget our posture.

Poof! ? that’s all in thin air, no matter how much we know or want to do, we just slip into our roles and forget everything we know or think we should be doing.

So what are we working with then?

Start with little standing if you’re sitting for long periods, take the call while standing and flex your arm and neck, stretch those legs, and wiggle your ankles while you play with the kid.

Shake those hips or move your shoulders while doing the dishes.

Common you get the idea, just move every inch of your body that’s SCREAMING for your attention by being stiff.

You know which part it is.

Just show it some loveeeee.


What’s next now?

3. Watch what you put in your mouth: Momma you want your kid to eat some veggies, it better be on your plate too!

They can sample adult food, that way you both eat your veggies.

Isn’t that cool?

That’s exactly how I got my little one to love Broccoli by telling her it wasnt for kids but she could try and if she liked it she could eat off my plate quietly ? 

Pack an apple, banana, orange whatever you can in your bag that you can have during your break rather than grabbing that sugar-filled protein bar that makes you wonder how big your tummy is because you don’t know which corner it landed in.

Yeah exactly, you’re still here so make a pinky promise to me, you’re gonna start that tomorrow. Will Ya?

1. Build your mommy network: Start with family members who love having your kid and your kid enjoys being with, then add to this last friends you can count on if you want to go on a date with your husband and have someone watch the little one, you can do that for them too, find something mutual always, seek to give too if you expect to receive.

It works both ways remember.

Hang out in events that will help you in your career, online groups that offer support not to just post pictures and show off what a wonderful world they are living in, and make you cringe at the very mention of their name or the group.

Whatever the community or group, it should set your heart on fire, and get your eyes to sparkle with renewed energy, thats when you know you are in the right place, else it’s time to wiggle yourself out from there.

Runnnn as fast as you can okay?

2. Hug Yourself: As weird as it sounds, it’s the best thing to feel, wrap your arms around yourself, look in your eyes in a mirror, and say passionately to yourself,

“I love you, I’m proud of you, I admire you that you’re still standing strong despite what you’ve been through, and I honor your commitment to love yourself, I promise to stand by your side loving you every step of the way, unquestionably and undoubtedly”.

As you practice this see the shift in the way you feel, and see your droopy shoulders square up.

See your chest swell forward with confidence and your gait making heads turn.

Yes darling, hug yourself more often, no limits on this one.

3. Claim Your Territory: Whatever boundary you set is FINAL.

It’s YOU and only YOU who can move that boundary line.

So what makes you feel comfortable and healthy is where you draw that line.

Anything and everything that sparks joy in your heart enters, all others STAY OUT.

No breaches to this one.

It’s when you fiercely guard this railing and trespassers know they ain’t welcome, they’ll find another place to breach perhaps leaving you alone in peace.

However for that to happen you have to be firm.

Remember to hug yourself and remind yourself how strong you are and see how easily you get this one knocked off.

1. Be mindful of the tape: What you play on repeat inside your head becomes your story, belief, and life.

If you don’t like something, change the tape!

Sounds simple but it takes patience and practice to get there.

Be kind to yourself and allow yourself time to progress.

You’re worth working on, so be patient and play the tapes you love playing.

2. Slow down: Yes you read that right.

Breathe slowly, look around and see what you have got, appreciate everything in your life, give praise and thanks for it, and cherish your relationships.

Listen to uplifting music, write your thoughts, or reflect on something that caught you by surprise, what did it trigger within you?

There are a plethora of ways to slow down, you do what feels best for you, maybe one maybe none, find your way but slow down for a few minutes each day.

As you practice this slowly, you will see the compounding effect and the sense of calm it brings to you, making it easier to calm yourself in a stressful situation.

3. Get a Mentor: A coach is someone who has learned and is willing to teach you what he/she knows, whereas a Mentor knows and is willing to teach you, but most importantly has walked your path, experienced your very pains, and has fallen multiple times before rising in victory.

So choose who you want to learn from wisely.

Because it’s your time, money, and life experiences that matter.

Find out if this is what you’re looking for – join me for a short call at your convenience.

1. Do more of what you love: When you think of what sparks joy, do more of it.

It’s your spirit yearning to be fulfilled, that will give you the utmost joy and it feels as if time is just flying past you, you have no idea how long you’ve been there and done it, your body doesn’t ache, you don’t feel drained and weirdly you aint tired either, you have got so much of adrenaline pumping in your veins that you can do it all over again.

Yeah, see what you can do more of in your day that makes you feel this way.

2. Be one with the creation: When you take a walk in the park or garden in your area even if you can’t explore nature at its original best frequently nevermind, look deeply at every little creature that has life, watch the leaves sway gently with the breeze the butterflies splutter their wings as they hop from one flower to the other, the birds chirp.

All of them seem to be thriving, they don’t worry like us human beings.

They know their Creator will provide for them and when the time is right, they just go about doing their business.

What’s YOUR purpose on this planet Earth that you ought to go about doing each day?

Think more of it if it’s yet unclear, and then just go about doing it and trust me you’ll fly higher and happier than the mighty Eagle soaring with the wind and feeling every gush of wind take your breath away to heights you have never been before.

As unique keys fit specific locks, not everything is universally suitable for all.

See what you prefer and need, and set realistic timelines to achieve those goals you set for yourself as you add these tips, tools, and strategies into your everyday life.

You may or may not need an accountability partner to check on your progress.

You may or may not need someone to cheer you on every small win.

In case this piques your interest and you’re keen on my support, let’s start a conversation.

Mastering the art of self-care is an ongoing journey for us millennial moms and career-changing women.

This is the first step in the journey to reducing stress and anxiety.

I want you to remember that self-care is not a selfish indulgence but a must for you to become a better version of yourself, something you’re longing to be deep within, so make time for yourself, take action and you will be on the path to leading a happier more fulfilled life.

As you embark on this journey, some of you may want to do it by yourself, and that’s fine, and some of you may want to be shown the way step-by-step, cheered on, and picked up when you fall, reminding you of your strength to carry on.

Seeking help is nothing to be ashamed of, but to be proud that you are on a journey that very few have even begun.

If you find that this resonates with you and you’d like my guidance, let’s connect for a chat.

You deserve to live a stress-free life, and with the right support, it will soon be your reality.

The question is…

How eager are you to make it YOUR reality?

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