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If it’s not your fault that you procrastinate, then whose fault is it?

Why do you procrastinate and what can be done about it?


Let me explain this, we humans have brains that behave in a survival mode due to their programming.


When your brain sees something new, it tricks you into doing something else instead.


Here’s what your brain tells you, “it’s okay, you can do it later. Watch TV, eat your favorite snack, enjoy a good book, sit back and relax.”


And guess what?


You do exactly that.


Who wins?


Your brain wins.


Is it your fault?




Is it your brain’s fault?




Because it’s primary job is to conserve energy for an emergency.


I want you to think of it in this way…




Let’s say every month you know the money you need for basic necessities like food, mortgage, rent, etc.


And even if you need more money, you cannot dig into this budget.


Similarly, your brain tries to save energy and the result is…


you end up procrastinating.


So how do you tell your primitive brain that times have changed?


How do you stop procrastinating?

how to stop procrastinating 

Let’s imagine you want to start exercising on a regular basis.


And not to forget that you have been on the couch for most of your waking hours




you have been sitting at your desk all-day


Before you can know it, your brain sees this change as a threat.


So it sends out a panic alarm to you


You now remember aching muscles, injured muscles and say, “Nah, I don’t want to add to my trouble. Let’s do this tomorrow.”


Do you see what happened, your brain won & you procrastinated?


So how exactly do we fool our brains?


It’s very simple…


Keep it a secret.


Yes, that’s right.


Tell yourself, “I’ll stand up today for 5 minutes.”


Now your brain thinks you are gone insane, it doesn’t interfere.


Then the next day, you tell yourself that you will sit and stand alternating movements for 5 minutes.


Again your brain thinks you are on your way to a mental asylum, and so it doesn’t interfere.


Then on the third day, you jump around.


And on the fourth day you are in the routine of doing some activity, now start with some push-ups or mild running.


And so before your brain can understand what is going on.


Guess what?




You don’t procrastinate anymore!


I have to warn you of something here, if you break this routine, you will have to start ALL OVER again.


Now it’s up to you to decide…


Do you want your brain to trick you?




Do you want to trick your brain?


I’m guessing you are nodding your head for the second option.

Tell me, “was I right ?”

Drop me an email, I would love to hear from you.

To your continued happiness,

Aureen M. Monteiro

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