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Sitting at my desk one quiet afternoon, the remnants of lunch still lingering, I found myself in severe pain. What started at the cape of my neck shot through the back of my skull in a matter of a few seconds. The pain had escalated from being terrifying to almost knocking me out. Little did I know that this moment would become the catalyst for a transformative journey of resilience and one that is empowering women to overcome anxiety.

The Darkest Hour

A Terrifying Wake-Up Call:

The sudden onset of excruciating pain that shot through the back of my skull left me incapacitated. 

As I struggled to reach out for help, I realized words weren’t coming out of my mouth.

I tried to tap her, I then realized my left arm was right next to my body, it hadn’t moved an inch.

As desperation seeped in, I realized I could type on my computer screen and get her attention.

I mustered the strength to type “Take me to a doctor please”

A Plea for Help and a Desperate Journey to the Hospital:

By some stroke of luck, she saw what was on my screen, and thought it was a joke.

However, the grim look on my face and my jaws clenching in pain made her realize it was real.

I was whisked away to the nearest hospital.

The adrenaline rush sent my blood pressure skyrocketing, and the doctor’s concerned gaze pierced through my fragile facade. 

It was then, during the initial examination, that my darkest fears were confirmed—I had a stroke, a merciless assault on my brain. I had experienced a Brain Stroke!

Confronting the Unknown and Fear Etched on a Loved One’s Face:

The road ahead seemed daunting as I was referred to a specialist, a brain surgeon. 

Her first order of business was to conduct an MRA scan.

It was a test that would reveal the extent of the damage inflicted by this malevolent stroke—whether it was temporary or a permanent scar etched into the depths of my being. 

The sight of the colossal scanning machine sent shivers down my spine, resembling a foreboding coffin awaiting its next occupant.

Trembling, I clung to my husband’s hand, terrified of facing the unknown in that sterile chamber.

I can’t forget the Fear etched on his face that night, as I felt my life slipping away.

It was a reflection of the turmoil that raged within my soul. 

Though no words were exchanged throughout the procedure, we shared an unspoken understanding that this chapter must come to an end.

But not like this!

The weight of five arduous years, burdened by workplace stress and unidentified triggers, led me to this fateful moment. 

Embracing Resilience to Conquer Anxiety

A Resolve to Seize Control:

I had fought tooth and nail to climb the ladder of success in my career, unwilling to jeopardize everything I had achieved for the sake of my loving family. 

In that defining moment, I made a decision.

I resolved to seize control of my life!

I refused to allow anxiety to toss me about like a small boat on treacherous waves. 

With newfound courage, pulsating within me, I resolved to navigate uncharted territories with unwavering determination.

Navigating Uncharted Territories with Unwavering Determination:

Thankfully, the report bore no signs of significant, lasting damage to my precious brain.

Yet, unpredictable bouts of excruciating pain tormented me relentlessly.

It had no discernible pattern.

Even intruding upon my moments of respite during vacations. 

My doctor reassured me that this anguish would gradually come to a stop.

But for several months, I relied on medication to navigate through the pain inside my head.

My body was being put to the test.

“She is going to quit,” thought Satan.

Overcoming Physical Challenges

Debilitating Muscle Contractions and the Road to Recovery:

As if battling anxiety wasn’t enough, I also faced debilitating muscle contractions.

It left me so feeble that it took almost half an hour for me to get past my room.

I don’t live in a mansion, in case you are wondering how large the room was.

I had to undergo physiotherapy to regain strength in those muscles and get them to normalcy.

Setting aside time for self-care was so important. Even though I knew it, I did not quite put it into action.

Now was the time to put my knowledge into action.

Muscle strengthening exercises

Finding Strength and Bonding Through Physiotherapy:

During these physiotherapy sessions, a bond formed between my doctor and me. 

It was she who encouraged me to participate in an upcoming marathon, a challenge that I eagerly accepted. 

The marathon was 3 months away. 

She would participate too, and in the worst case be by my side for immediate assistance.

I needed that challenge.

I was always thrilled by adventures and challenges.

We registered ourselves for the 5k run.

We worked hard together, pushing through the pain and building resilience.

The Symbolic Triumph of Completing a Marathon:

The morning of the marathon arrived.

It was 4 am, and the whole city and my family were fast asleep.

They would wake up to a beautiful and leisurely Sunday morning.

I put on the T-shirt and bib we received the prior day.

As I looked into the mirror at the red colored shirt, I wondered what a bright color.

The carmine red would later go into my brand kit.

I ate a banana as I sipped my coffee.

I remembered her words, “Don’t come on an empty stomach”.

As we entered the final lap of the run, I could feel my strength drain.

I reminded myself how far I had come.

As I crossed the finish line, I realized that the 5k run meant more than just a race. 

It was a symbol of the strong community I was surrounded by, a beacon of hope and resilience.

and in the next few minutes, I had the medal of completion around my neck.

I did it!

Yes, we did it together! 

I was proud of myself that morning, she was proud of me too.

We hugged each other and clicked a few pictures to capture that memory.

I went home and related to my family the story that unraveled that morning, as I removed my shoes and soaked my sore foot in warm water.

Their eyes beaming with pride, spoke louder than their words.

Unveiling a Transformative Framework to Triumph Over Anxiety

Diving Deep into Research and Discovery:

It was at this time of recovery that I found myself diving deep into research.

That led to a unique framework “C’s to Rise and R’s to Cease ©” which in the coming months would earn a coveted copyright that is now empowering women to overcome anxiety amongst other challenges and obstacles.

This transformative framework became a cornerstone of the journey I would now begin.

It held the power to liberate women like me from the clutches of any obstacle.

Determined to make a difference in the lives of a billion women, I embraced my pain as a catalyst for purpose.

C's to Rise & R's to Cease © Framework that enables a woman to overcome a challenge including anxiety

C’s to Rise and R’s to Cease ©: A Framework Enabling Women to Conquer Anxiety:

The framework I developed focused on addressing the roots of anxiety rather than merely treating its symptoms. 

By constructing guardrails and nurturing my inner voice, I discovered an unstoppable force within me—fierce, tenacious, and undeterred.

From Self-Transformation to Empowering Women to Overcome Anxiety:

But there remained one final task.

To share this life-altering metamorphosis with other women.

My transformation and the power of the framework inspired me to make a difference in the lives of women. 

I refused to let anxiety define us. 

Together, we could overcome any obstacle and rise to our full potential.

Inspiring Women to Conquer Obstacles

The Journey Ahead and Hurdles to Cross:

While the road ahead may be challenging, remember you are not alone. 

United in our resilience, we can conquer any obstacle that comes our way. 

Let us embark on this journey of empowerment, supporting, and uplifting one another.

You are a Force!

Join the Resilience Movement and Conquer Anxiety Together:

Anxiety may have once held us captive, but now we hold the key to our liberation. 

Let us join forces, share our stories, and spread awareness empowering women to overcome anxiety. 

Together, we can create a world where anxiety is not a barrier but a stepping stone toward growth and success.

We have many hurdles to cross, together we will conquer them all!


From pain to purpose, my journey of overcoming anxiety has transformed my life. 

Through resilience, determination, and the power of community, I have discovered the strength to pursue my dreams. 

Let us rise above anxiety and embrace the limitless possibilities that await us.

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Aureen M. Monteiro

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