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Once upon a time, a rider was on his favorite horse.


Rider on horse



He was enjoying the cool breeze blowing through his face and hair and was soaking in the sights nature had to offer.


It wouldn’t be a stretch to say, he was lost in his thoughts, and no later did he find himself on the ground.


“What just happened to me?” he thought while he was rubbing away the dust and dirt from himself and his clothes.


Just then he was approached by a stranger who happened to give him some water and made him feel better.


The stranger asked him, “Where were you headed to, sir?”


“I don’t know”, replied the rider.








“What! you don’t know where you were going?”, muttered the stranger trying to check the rider’s head to see if he has lost his memory.


Finding everything to be normal, he once again prodded…“You really don’t know where you were going, sir?”


“I was enjoying the ride, and so allowed the horse to take me ahead”, responded the rider.








The rider is an archetype for every single person who is on the hamster wheel at work.



The horse is an archetype of ALL our FEARS, it drives us making us blindly follow.




Most of us, do not know where we are going, we just follow our routine, because we feel it’s SAFER to do that, we have been doing that for so many years…



It’s only when the horse topples us down, do we face the need to answer the question, “Was it worth the ride?”


The irony doesn’t stop there, most of us, dust the dirt off our backs and get back on the same horse again!




You have a choice…


to read this blog, judge its content, leave a comment and move on with your day. 


You also have a choice…


to STOP doing what you are doing, spare 10 minutes to answer the question the rider was asked,” where am I headed?”




I bet you would agree when I say it’s wiser and safer to know the direction you are headed to, and you prepare yourself to face what may come your way, learning from the travelers who have tread the path before. 




If you have chosen to go down a path less traveled, that’s far better, pat yourself on your back for the courage you are displaying to START, most don’t even get to the starting line.




Whatever you chose, always remember it’s YOUR choice, so take responsibility and show up each day and every moment with your full attention, energy, and intention to make it happen.




Don’t blame the horse for running away from the path into the wilderness and therefore you are lost. The horse did not lay down on the ground and plead with you to saddle up, get on its back, and ride. You did!


So when you accept it, that you mounted the horse, allow it to take you this far, either you get off its back and go your own way, or direct it the way you want it to go.


I hope you have a notepad beside you and you are willing to spend 10 minutes of your precious time looking at where you are, where you are headed, and where do you want to go from here?


I promise you, this will be the best 10 minutes you will recall a few weeks, months, or years down the line when someone lost as you are right now, asks you what was the moment you decided to re-route and course correct? What triggered you to STOP and assess? You will gladly refer back to this article telling them, you did not want to be the rider on the back of a wild horse, not knowing where it was headed.



“Aureen, wait the heading said all the stats, data, and facts I ever need to know, I was looking for numbers, statistics, I found none, where are they?”, is that what is on your mind yet?




After spending those precious 10 minutes, you will have it right in front of you, or you may also choose to email me if you would like to have my support in getting you started. The choice is always yours to make!




To your continued happiness,


Aureen M. Monteiro




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