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There is a time for everything!

And everything that happens is a vital part of the larger story.

The previous evening I was walking back home which is a few blocks away from the metro station that I got out of.

My pace was cut short by an incoming call from my aunt.

She is very dear to me, but we rarely speak over the phone, and hence her name on my mobile screen compelled me to stop walking, step aside and answer the call.

She was calling back to thank me for an appointment I had taken for her for a healing session.

While we exchanged a few words, a screeching sound and a loud thud distracted me away from our conversation.

A speeding car from behind spun around onto the sidewalk coming to a halt after colliding with a car from the opposite direction.

This was just a few feet away from where I was standing.

Thankfully NO lives were lost and no severe injuries to anyone.




However hadn’t I stopped to answer the call, I would have been there at the very same place that the car had come to an abrupt halt.

My pace was cut short for a reason. 

I was overwhelmed with emotions – gratefulness, thankfulness, and fear too!

I was trembling.

If the call didn’t come, if I chose not to answer it at that time, I would not have been writing this article to let you know what happened that day.

Sometimes there is a short setback in life, it may be a few seconds, a few minutes, a few days, a few months or even a few years.

However there is a reason, and that REASON is for you to emerge Stronger, Healthier, Joyful and that list could go on and on…

This is one of the many experiences I have had so far, and I want you to know that not every setback is for you to delve into self-pity mode.

No excuses to be made, only gratitude is to be felt and finally take heed & keep moving on.

I’m following my passion, and on my way helping others find theirs too, with HAPPINESS all along the way!

I would be excited to hear if you experienced any set back only to find there was a larger reason, or that if you feel the need to talk or reach out to me if you were intrigued by this!

I look forward to hearing your setbacks and learning.




Aureen M. Monteiro


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