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Does every working mother have this question on her mind?

Can I do it better?

Is there something that can prevent me from burnout?

I’m becoming too restless!


Am I becoming too cranky?

My kid is driving me crazy (times number of kids). I get it. I totally do. I have a super hyperactive 4th grader, who doesn’t know what it means to be seated in one place for more than 5 minutes. YES, you read that correctly. 

On a normal day, she would finish her school assignments, head out of the house to play with her friends, come home and still have the energy to drive us crazy until the minute she goes to bed. I sometimes wonder how her battery lasts all day, every day.

Now with the current situation, the first and second day of lockdown drove me crazy too. I was losing my cool with her, and I dint like it that way. There had to be a way to channel her energy and have us enjoy these moments together.

YES! we are blessed to be healthy, so the time cannot be spent in fear, it has to be spent being grateful to God for His grace.

Then we both discussed and came up with a plan, voila a week passed, and we both are super excited, no energy drain of mine, no losing cool. Both of us have supercharged batteries now.

And so, I decided to share what worked very well for us, do give it a try and let me know how it helps you and your kid and strengthens not weakens your bond.

Which mother would say NO to that?

And so here is exactly what we do…

  1. Prepare a schedule for the day (her’s is pinned on the fridge 😉
  2. Mommy rises a little before the daughter and sleeps little after the daughter, so both get their rest.
  3. Did I tell you to schedule everything in point #1, eating time, sleeping time, playtime, cooking, reading, watching TV, and of course study for the kid and work for you..put everything into the schedule, rework on that one now if you did a shabby job, no one is looking so you can pretend you did it right the first time… 😉
  4. Pray/meditate/exercise together, helps maintain gratitude, mental and physical fitness
  5. Watch your favorite TV shows together, for us its young Sheldon on repeat, we enjoy watching comedy shows together, laughter is always good
  6. Encourage reading, if you have an audible account encourage them to listen to audio books they are interested in.
  7. Incentivize study, while you have them complete all their school tasks, understand which subject/topic makes them come alive, ask them to pick up topics from that subject from the next grade. So my daughter is learning grade 5 math since she loves math. Keeping the brain cells active is very important you see. Each topic she completes and explains her understanding to me, she gets rewarded
  8. Tidy / organize your drawers together. Getting them involved in the process will make them understand the effort that goes into tidying up, and voila the next time you see them maintaining that drawer, your energy is saved, you don’t have to tidy up soon. Plus your video calls will have a cleaner background
  9. Listen to music, it will calm your nerves and brighten up your mood. Play their favorite music too, and enjoy watching them dance.
  10. Jump onto their school sessions and hello to their friends/teacher, so your kid feels happy, and introduce your kid to your colleagues, everyone feels much happier. I can’t stress enough on this. It brings all hearts together.
  11. Finally, time to play as a family, pull out your scrabble, ludo, chess, checkers, monopoly, carrom, and play as a family. As they say, make hay when the sun shines. All of you may not get the same time together every day. Make play a routine as much as possible.
  12. Since eating out is zoned out and your kid is restricted to home food, make it fun for them as much as possible, and enjoy the tiny hands wrapping around you trying to hug you. Priceless.

Hey hey, can you please come back Aureen.

You seem to have forgotten 13, 14, and 15.

Is that a secret?

Do you not want to share that with me?

Are these thoughts roaming in your mind ???

Then let me tell you, it’s left blank so that YOU tell me what’s been working for you. I am a mom too and would love to incorporate something different from another mom like you. Always open to learning. Remember together we RISE Higher.


To your motherhood & happiness!

Aureen M. Monteiro

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