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As the days’ inch closer to winter, the feeling of chill snowy weather and fireplace chats come rushing to one’s mind.

The pandemic doesn’t seem to show signs of getting life to a refresh, where social distancing or lockdown were terms that were unheard of.

Teenagers and young adults are restricted to online conversations, and dating and social life are even more stressful than before.

Earlier it was peer pressure to deal with having a boyfriend or girlfriend, now it’s COVID pressure too.

These young adults feel lonely faster, with circumstances quickly compounding the impact.

Interactions are limited to conversations digitally, and if located within nearby localities, they may have the privilege to meet up.

If wearing a mask, the facial expressions are already cut off, and it’s the eyes that are most burdened to convey emotions if words aren’t spoken much.

Let’s see how this plays out in the life of Lisa & Tim…

Lisa is a wonderful young lady searching for a companion who meets Tim on a dating platform.

Both decide to meet up at a café and get to know each other better.

Lisa received her driver’s license recently and is excited to drive on her own.

They decide to meet at 5 pm on a Saturday evening.

Lisa gets into her car, and turns on the ignition, she is careful to keep the music low and drive down carefully.

After All, traffic is less, and she should be there in ten minutes, as she is almost approaching the café a truck on the other side of the road loses control on the wet road and overturns leaving no time for Lisa to escape the block in front of her. She closes her eyes hoping to make it through, and be able to see her family, and Tim as her car slams into the fallen truck and is thrown to the other end of the road.

Paramedics arrived quickly, and Lisa, who is found unconscious in her overturned car, is taken to the emergency care of the nearby hospital.

Meanwhile, Tim is waiting at the café sipping on his coffee.

The nurse reaches for Lisa’s phone that was handed over to the medics, and dials the last number on it.

Tim answers the call to find out what kept Lisa from meeting him.

He is shocked, sad, and is trying to narrow down his wide range of emotions that are surfacing up.

Leaving the café rushing, he drives down to the hospital to see Lisa.

Lisa has had multiple fractures, and loss of blood, and is in surgery for internal bleeding when he arrives at the hospital.

Lisa’s parents are waiting there too, and he consoles them both, and together they wait for the surgery to end.

It’s 2 days since the surgery, and Lisa is just beginning to gain consciousness. Her face has bruises, and cuts from the shards of glass that she landed on, and sees Tim smiling at her.

He moves over to her bedside and gently places his hand over her palm. She feels the warmth, and care that Tim has for her, while her parents tell her how he hasn’t left the hospital since she was brought in.

They chat endlessly that evening, and Lisa realizes that Tim is seeing her for the first time with those bruises, and cuts, and no make-up at all.

It dawns on her that they have connected emotionally, and they are falling in love with each other.

What set out to be a date, is now being transformed into a blossoming relationship, one that would go on to last a lifetime.

Weeks pass and Lisa recovers completely.

They finally get to go on a date.

It’s the holiday season, and happiness is all around.

Tim understands his feelings for Lisa are mutual too, and when Lisa arrives at the café, she finds Tim seated sipping on his hot chocolate.

He manages to book the same table, and when Lisa arrives her saucer is placed upside down.

She gently turns it over to see a note fixed on it, that says…




Falling in love with you Lisa… From a Different side

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