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All it takes is 1 MINUTE to SUCCESS!

Wow, you must be so excited and want to know the hack.

You must also be wondering if this is a scam?

How can she boldly claim only 1 MINUTE to SUCCESS?

Now if I tell you its TRUE, would you want to know – HOW?

Then read along.

Freshwater pearls form between 1 & 6 years, while a saltwater pearl may take between 5 & 20 years.

Wow, that’s a long time frame.

Allow me to quickly take you through how a pearl is formed.

When a parasite enters the Oyster, the Oyster’s defense mechanism kicks in, and it starts producing a liquid to soothe itself from the parasite.

The liquid forms a layer then layers until the pearl is formed.

What we see as a PEARL, was the constant fight of the Oyster against the parasite, until the fight was no longer needed.

Yes, I told you 1 minute, I haven’t forgotten my statement.

Lets recap and think of the time the parasite entered the Oyster, it took just 1 MINUTE for the Oyster to decide it has to fight back the parasite, that’s when it’s started producing the liquid as its defense mechanism, if the Oyster thought it’s not worth fighting back, it wouldn’t survive, neither would it produce a lustrous PEARL.

→ So the 1 MINUTE it takes to start, is what puts you on your journey to SUCCESS.

→ Then, your will power coupled with your vision of the end goal is what keeps you on track

→ And again, it’s the last 1 MINUTE when you are almost reaching your goal, by now your energy is drained, you are exhausted, you can see the finishing line. However, you have to put together all your mental & physical strength at this CRUCIAL juncture to not give up, it’s this very crucial 1 MINUTE is what takes you to SUCCESS.

It’s the 1 MINUTE of the last lap in the MARATHON, that takes the runner ahead to WIN the race.

It’s the 1 MINUTE of the last climb of the MOUNTAIN, that takes the climber to the TOP.

It’s the 1 MINUTE of the descent of an AIRCRAFT, that gets its passengers to their DESTINATION.

It’s the 1 MINUTE for a distressed PERSON to say I will FIGHT back & be strong, or plunge into the river and END his/her life.

It’s the 1 MINUTE it takes at the crossroad signal each day to CALM yourself and enjoy your life, rather than blaming everyone around for your situation.

It’s the 1 MINUTE it takes to stop & hug your spouse/kid(s) before leaving home each day, to building a strong bond.

It’s the 1 MINUTE it takes to get up and walk around when you feel your nerves pull, to maintain your COOL.

It’s the 1 MINUTE it takes to say PLEASE, THANK YOU, MAY I, I LOVE YOU, etc., that builds your COMMUNITY.

It’s the 1 MINUTE of FAITH, to experience a MIRACLE in your life.

Now if you still feel it’s not the 1 MINUTE that it takes to get you to SUCCESS, well! I can only be sorry for your state.

I only help those who wish to be helped.

When you have a growth mindset, you’re constantly looking at ways to improve your situation, to better yourself, and live a fulfilled and satisfying life. It’s a fixed mindset that lets a person struggle all throughout his/her life and keep cursing everyone & everything around.

I have achieved SUCCESS in most areas of my life, I have experienced MIRACLES, I want you to have them.

Believe in yourself, Keep your FAITH, and one day you will also say YES it’s the 1 MINUTE that decided my SUCCESS and kept me from failing!

Are you with me?

I would love to know your thoughts on this article, comment below / inbox me on what you think.

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Much Love & Happiness your way

Aureen M. Monteiro


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